HomeServices automates homebuying and selling through Oracle Cloud

Real estate brokerage integrates complete suite of Oracle’s cloud applications

HomeServices automates homebuying and selling through Oracle Cloud

Homeownership services provider HomeServices of America has chosen Oracle Cloud to automate its homebuying and selling process.

HomeServices, a national network of residential real estate brokerage, mortgage, title, escrow, and insurance companies, said it would utilize the Oracle Cloud to automate the servicing process of real estate agents and the purchase experience for homebuyers.

"We are committed to delivering exceptional experiences to customers throughout the homebuying transaction process," said Mike Warmka, executive vice president of HomeServices of America. "Our business model is focused on integrating all the pieces of the real estate transaction, and as we continue to grow, we wanted a technology platform befitting our vision as well as integration for our expanding network of companies. With Oracle Cloud, we will be able to unite our operations and leverage our combined strength to simplify, streamline and automate processes, deliver an entirely new experience and gain efficiencies."

The company integrated the Oracle Customer Experience (CX) Cloud, the Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud, and the Oracle Platform Cloud to provide its brokerage companies and 42,600 real estate agents nationwide with an end-to-end, guided real estate service. By moving to a complete suite of cloud applications, HomeServices could ensure secured transactions to streamline qualification and document processes and cut costs.

"HomeServices of America is working to completely transform the homebuying and selling experience while prioritizing people and relationships first, and wanted a technology partner that could support its vision," said Steve Miranda, executive vice president of Oracle Applications. "With Oracle Cloud, HomeServices will be able to fundamentally change the way we buy and sell homes by uniting on one standardized platform, streamlining and automating key business processes and quickly taking advantage of the latest technologies."