What's the current prime tenant in the Vancouver office market?

Avison Young outlines the latest

What's the current prime tenant in the Vancouver office market?

Downtown Vancouver remains a crucial hub for technology companies searching for talented workforces and access to extensive transport infrastructure, according to Avison Young.

This is despite the growing number of subleases in the region.

“Small- to medium-sized technology tenants … value hybrid working and see it as the optimal policy going forward,” Avison Young said.

Case in point is the Vancouver-based independent video game developer Brace Yourself Games, which has situated itself in the downtown core.

“Downtown Vancouver is a central location that is easily accessible by public transit,” BYG director of communications Madeleine Gray told Avison Young. “Many of our team members live in the downtown area as well.”

The pandemic proved to be a major driver for the shift in the company’s occupancy strategy.

“When COVID happened and we transitioned to a full work-from-home format, it became clear that having the option to work from home positively impacted many members of our team,” Gray said. “Now, we function with a completely hybrid policy where folks can choose to come into the office or not any day of the week.”

“There remains a bright future for office space within the video game industry, with greater focus now placed upon creating an office environment that encourages workers to come to the office of their own volition,” Avison Young concluded.